About Dede

A Little About Me

Thank you for being here! I have been working full time growing my jewelry business for over 25 years. A lot has changed as my designs are always evolving, but the inspiration for my designs remains much the same. Nature, my faith, and periods of art history (as I was formerly an art teacher), are all sources of inspiration for my jewelry. I am always sketching and creating new design ideas, but when I am not creating jewelry you might find me painting with my daughter or in nature.

Whether it is an antique button or an all silver design we appeal to individuals that appreciate meaningful, and unique designs. I love what I do and find joy in it. It is my hope that this joy filters down to you!

Sterling Silver

My jewelry features original sterling silver designs that have all been rigorously designed by me. A single design can be the result of 20 or more interpretations of itself. Complete specifications with millimeter and gage details finish up the design process making it ready for the silver production. I have chosen handmade methods like cut work and dot techniques to create a fresh new look that embraces a one of a kind result that mass produced jewelry has lost.  

Antique Buttons

The antique buttons featured in my work were also created by hand. Various techniques such as hand tooling, hand painting and cut and riveted steel created these little works of art, some dating back to the 1860’s. Instead of being tossed aside they were carefully passed down. These buttons had both monetary and sentimental value. They have been loved and used and show their age; a patina which cannot be found with new items. I am glad these old buttons can be worn and loved again with a complete new set of memories for each wearer and hopefully passed on to repeat the cycle.

How to Reach Me

Local customers frequent my home studio for home shows, appointments or product pick ups. Contact Me by phone or email for any questions or inquiries.